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Accounting –  automated  in all processes

We provide accounting for your company in an efficient manner, and we use cloud-/webbased accounting software. Our focus is digitalized, automated accounting in all processes, which will liberate time for both us and our customers. We can also provide payment services, so your invoices will be automatically matched through the system.

The bookkeeping will be handled digitally, and incoming invoices will be automatically fed into the system.

Invoicing – payment services

You can choose if you want to invoice your customers with our programs, or if you want to use other programs. Optionally we can handle your invoicing, after receiving information regarding the order. If it is desirable, we can provide payment services. This way your invoices (outgoing and incoming) will be automatically matched in our system. With this service, you will be able to pay your suppliers authomatically, after your approval of the invoice.

Quality assurance – Reporting

We keep good control of the quality of your accounts, due to statutory controls. We also reconciliate your accounts due to current laws and rules. Reports to the customer is produced accordingly to the requirements of your company.

  • Bookkeeping (Invoice, receipts, bank etc.)
  • Invoicing (Invoice reminders/debt collection) through the system of your choice
  • Payment services
  • Statutory reconciliation
  • Reporting of economic development

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